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Whether it be trying to address a ticket, going through a BIT inspection, or having to go to court to testify on your behalf, BIT Pros will be there every step of the way. We like to insure out clients needs are taken care of from beginning to end. With our experienced staff we can make sure to address any issues that could arise on the spot.

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Auditors have been moving to a more performance-based enforcement of regulations with a system that is similar to the CSA scoring system. They are no longer limited to having to wait two years before their inspections. This means that your company could be selected at any time for a BIT inspection. If you have a proactive compliance program set in place you can reduce any unexpected violations. With our mock inspection we can help identify areas that your company needs to improve on before the real inspections take place.


Our auditors are extensively trained in Federal and State Hours of Service Regulations. Your company will be assigned a specific auditor for y our account who understands your companies needs and policies. With our specially designed auditing software we can efficiently audit all of your paperwork for State and Federal regulations, which would be extremely cost effect compared to internal  personal costs. Our log audits will address all Form & Manner violations, Hours of Service, and Falsifications. These reports will be delivered to you on weekly basis in order for you to stay on top of your drivers.

BIT Pros was founded in 2007 when the owner realized that there was a great amount of companies in need of staying in compliance with all the new regulations that were starting to come out.

Working with BIT inspectors, he came up with an effective program to keep his clients from any impending violations that they might received. BIT Pros likes to go above and beyond regular state requirements to insure that our clients are always compliant. With our unique management of your safety and compliance programs, we are able to tailor fit our program to you individual needs of your company.

We are a one stop shop for your safety, compliance and regulatory needs. Please give us a call so we can see what we can do for you.


We offer many classes that can better assist you with your Drug & Alcohol program. We have designed an ironclad Drug & Alcohol Policy agreement form between your company and your driver that will ensure you fall in the regulatory requirements. We offer a two hour reasonable suspicion class that we highly recommend to anybody who manages employees in a safety sensitive function. Being able to know how to properly address and assess a sensitive situation like this can keep your company out of a lot of unnecessary lawsuits.


There are a plenty of benefits to outsourcing your compliance services. If you were to decide for us to take over your safety and compliance department you would:

  • Reduce personnel costs of
    • To get the quality of compliance that you get with our company, we estimate you spending close to 60k a year.
  • Efficiently run program

    • We have been helping our clients stay 100% in compliance since 2007

  • Experienced Staff

    • Making sure that right people are working on your paperwork

    • Able to share other problems we have experienced with other companies

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California has recently adopted some new regulations this year that will be affecting your BIT inspections. It is important to keep up with these changes in order for your company to continue to operate smoothly

The Biennial Inspections of Terminals Program was re-named as the Basic Inspection of Terminals Program. The inspection will be on a performance-based inspection program instead of using the 25-month mandate to inspection every truck terminal.

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If you are needing to renew your medical card , it is important that you go to a physician that is certified in the FMCSA's National Registry. We know of an excellent physician that can get you in and out quickly when you renew your medical card.

If you are going to our physician, please let them know that you were referred by BIT Pros.


BIT Pros will create and maintain your driver qualifications file to insure that you stay compliant with all FMCSA and state regulations. If you already have created Driver Qualification files then we can evaluate what you currently have and make any corrections that are necessary. We provide you with continuous updates to your expiration dates, renewal dates, and with any regulation updates. With this service we include you into our random consortium free of charge.